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Hello 2018, Goodbye 2017…you bastard.

It’s that time of year, the very time I’ve been waiting for! I know you can’t erase the past, and to be honest, I don’t want too. But, I do enjoy moving forward. My kids are getting older, and while I’ll miss the baby cuddles, their personalities are shining so brightly. My marriage with my husband is a bit better, and I have high hopes and lots of faith that with the coming year, we’ll get to exactly where we need to be; both professionally and personally in our marriage and everyday lives. With that said, let’s check out some 2018 goals that I have made and plan to kick-ass completing.

KT’s 2018 goals: (not resolutions, only losers make those………I’M KIDDING!!!).

  • Publish: That’s right, dammit! I WILL be publishing this year. Down to Sleep will be released on April 17th, 2018. That’s my 35th birthday, and it’s high time shit starts happening for me. I have a tight, but a fun schedule that will surely put me on the right track. Soon, I will begin working with Vania, one of my dear writing friends, on a new chat series. (MORE TO COME). Even better news? Down to Sleep is getting a SEQUEL! I begin writing *surprise title* book 2 in February while my Editor is nurturing Down to Sleep. EEEEK! Squeal with me.
  • Kiss Virginia Goodbye: If you know me, you know I HATE this state. No offense to all you, “Virginia is for Lovers,” but I detest this place. We are up for military orders to Hawaii in 2018, and I’m praying they’ll pull through. Hell, even if we get sent over state lines by a mile, I’ll be happy. Just so many terrible things happened here, and while we can’t erase our past, we can move far from the things that remind us so vividly of the horror.
  • Eliminate The Negative: SO. MUCH. NEGATIVE. This has been a theme this year. Between the government, personal life, and professional stuff, I’m just tired of it. I’m tired of listening to people bitch and moan about how terrible life is ALL. THE. TIME. I get some aspects of life suck; I understand depression just as well as the next person–having lived through it, but holy hell! When will we stop the negative and learn to move forward and make CHANGE! I’m guilty of this too, so don’t think I’m jumping on you lovely readers. But, do you get where I’m coming from? When is enough, enough?
  • Get My Body Back: I know this is what EVERYONE says on their “resolutions” <—said with air quotes and a snarky tone. However, I need this for myself. My husband says I look great, others have hit on me, my friends say I look good and lie to my face when they say I look great (okay, maybe they are honest, but I don’t feel like I should). I know that no one should be a size 0, hell, I’d settle for a size six without the muffin top and arm bags. January it all begins.
  • One Book, Two Books, Three Books?: That’s right. On top of Down to Sleep getting a sequel, I’ll be adding a new stand-alone book by Dec 2018. What a way to finish the remarkable year ahead, right?

Anyway, that’s the jist of my goals for the year. What are yours? Among the tragedy that our country is becoming, where will 2018 take you?

8 thoughts on “Hello 2018, Goodbye 2017…you bastard.

  1. Our goals are very similar. It’s actually kind of weird how similar they are. I would love to point a couple out but that is taking away a surprise from some of my newsletter subscribers. I will tell you that publishing 3 books is on my list. All of them are written. Two are in the editing stages right now. I have to focus because 2018 is going to be one heck of a year.

    Also, I get the whole negativity thing. I’m equally as bad but I’m also not a positive person. I complain a lot….well, I feel like I do. Some of my posts aren’t exactly of me complaining. Sometimes I’m just stating facts but I can see how they come off as complaining.

    There is nothing wrong with you wanting to get your body back. I’m right there with you. I’ve been letting my health issues run my life for a little too long so I’m going to change that. I’m going vegan in 2018. It’s a 90 day challenge but I think I’m going to try to eat mostly vegan after the challenge. When it gets warmer here, I plan on taking walks or hiking. We have a lot of trails in my town.

    Anyway, good luck with your goals! There are a lot of good ones there.

    1. I love it when I connect with my online friends in this way. Vegan huh? I may have to look into that. I considered the “clean eating” thing because of my headaches. The doctor wants me to write everything I do, eat, say, and imagine on a calendar and put a smiley or frown faces depending on how it makes me feel. Sadly, the exaggeration of that is small. *sigh* So 2018 is going to be CRAZY as I diagnose myself and find ways to still do what I need to do (the 3 books) amid the headaches.

      How exciting for you! I wish we had walking trails around here, which is why I’m super hoping we get the HI orders. So much exploring!

      I do the same with the negativity. I don’t mean to complain, but damn…life sucks sometimes. I look forward to being on your journey with you as you dive into these goals and accomplish them. Thank you SO much for reading and responding. <3

      1. Yup, vegan. It was a spur of the moment kind of goal but I’ve been preparing myself in December. Going out to eat is not an option, really. I mean, there are some things I can eat but it can be a pain in the butt to try to find something. It’s just easier to make everything myself. Thank goodness I like to cook.

        If the doctor wants that kind of information, you might as well start recording yourself. Whenever I have to do something like that, I take a lot of pictures so I can remember when I have to write it down.

        I hope the HI orders go through. I hear it’s a beautiful place. My brother almost got sent there but he ended up in Georgia. That’s the assignment he wanted because he has friends in Florida and coming back up to Michigan to visit is a lot easier.

        Yeah, life does suck sometimes but I’m starting to see that I can’t let these negative things outweigh the positive. I usually have pretty good days but my negativity clouds my judgement. I’m getting better at it and I’m still working on it. I have an entire list of self-help books to read through. Maybe that will help!

        I look forward to going on your journey with you as well. I’ll do my best to encourage you as you go. Thank you for sharing your goals. I love seeing people work through some of the tough goals and come out successful. Good luck!

  2. 2017 was a decent year. Personally, there were some good things (losing weight) and bad things (struggles with my mental health). Writing, I wrote a lot more than even what I anticipated. Even so, there were some things I didn’t accomplish, mostly because I was too chicken to see them through.

    I’m going to strive for a better 2018. I am going to fight to write a short story a month. And I’m going to submit five stories for contests and publications. Whether or not they’ll be accepted is something I’m not too worried about, but it will be a big feather in the cap if my work makes it to publications. Personally, I hope to get back to losing weight. I feel like I’m gaining strength, but I’ve been very lazy in keeping the weight off and falling back to old habits. I want to get back the zeal I had for going to the gym.

    I hope you meet all your goals.

    1. Thank you! I hope you meet your goals as well. I have been tossing around the idea of contests and such and I may attempt that this year as well.

  3. Good goals and an awesome can-do will-do attitude that’ll make ’em happen, but it was your post title that did it for me! Hear! Hear! Hear!

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