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2018 Relationship Goals: Marriage, Friends, and Family

I shared my main goals for 2018 in the Hello 2018, Goodbye 2017…You Bastard blog post, but for my last post of 2017, I want to share Relationship goals for the New Year. As always, comment below to share some of your own!

2018 Relationship Goals


  • Begin Marriage Meetings Book Together- Find Book Here This book looks like the perfect addition to our family/marriage. It has four elements to 30 min daily talks with your spouse. Each “Marriage Meeting” consists of these four parts: expressing appreciation, coordinating chores, planning for good times, and resolving problems. Just 30 minutes a day of focused communication, which leads to my next point.
  • Listen to each other…no, really LISTEN to each otherHow often do we think we’re listening to our partner but it turns out, we really aren’t? Go ahead, it’s safe here to admit it. This year, I want to fix that.
  • Don’t allow stress to pull us apart with the move, job changes, etc2018 will bring us a HUGE move with my husband’s job. We may even be moving to Hawaii! *fingers crossed* This change can bring a load of stress and we have to remember not to allow that to destroy us.
  • Spread romance throughout the day with love notes, phone calls, etc
  • Once a month date night out- be unique. Rotate who plans each month
  • Once a week date night IN- person not planning DNO plans DNI
  • Find one way to give back to someone- a stranger- and do it together


  • Appreciate what friends do no matter how small it may be
  • Meet up with IRL friends at least once a month, but try for more
  • Online friends: Make a point to personally connect with each of them
  • Be understanding that things come up, but don’t stay in a 1 sided friendship
  • Make a least one new friend in 2018
  • Be the friend to others that you yourself wish to have


  • Use Sunday’s as my “phone call day”. Call at least 3 people in family
  • Support family members even if their actions piss me off beyond belief, it’s their life
  • Handwrite letters to one family member per month of the year. Connect on a deeper level


I didn’t go into detail in all of these but you get the point. I cannot wait for 2018! So much planned and so many exciting things coming our way. Embrace the excitement and make this the best year yet!


6 thoughts on “2018 Relationship Goals: Marriage, Friends, and Family

  1. Besides the obvious, we do game nights, movie nights, try cookin new recipes together, Netflix nights where we binge watch a show. There’s so many great options & reconnecting with each other is the best part. 🙂 Happy New Year! Wish you the best!

    1. There are so many things. I plan to do a blog post on those once I get settled back home. For those with and without kids! Great ideas! Happy New Year!

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