A New Year Reflection

Hey, Lovey’s,

It’s been one week since 2018 began and boy has it been a fast, productive, and mind-altering week!  I wanted to update those of you who take time in reading my posts, especially since I currently do not send out a newsletter. Here we go.


As I began preparing for my first book publication, I have thought about many aspects of the process. I’m even doing chats with my friend, Vania which can be found on my blog. One aspect I wanted to touch on is leaving reviews for books I’ve read. When I first came into this community, I thought an honest review meant an honest review. While I refuse to admit to any ugly or nasty comments on reviews, I will openly admit here that my review of one particular book could have been handled a LOT differently. For that, I want to apologize here to the author (her name is Megan), for not realizing that my review could have been seen as not constructive as I thought it was. Megan, if by any chance you read this, I’m sorry and I admit I could have come to you with my concerns for your book, rather than try and put them out on the site. (Amazon).


Another apology I have has to be with my sister, Ashley. I won’t get into the issues, except to say we’re sisters with a history of ups and downs. I hope you’ll forgive me, even if that means you no longer want me in your life. <3


2018 Goals on Track-

This week has been filled with writing things happening. I am gearing up for my first book launch, and I have made a number of changes. On February 24th, 2018 I will be announcing the new title to replace Down to Sleep, and I will be revealing the official cover photo for Book 1. I’ve also been learning a lot about self-publishing, and I am on my final editing stage before I send the book to my editor!

One goal I haven’t touched this year, yet? Working out. That will change tomorrow (Monday, January 8th, 2018). Time to get this body into shape, which includes regular daily gym visits and drinking a ton more water. Raise your hand if you find it difficult to drink water? I’m not into those flavored things so, *sigh*. #LifeStruggles, right?


How about all of you? How are your goals shaping up, now that we are a week into 2018? All in All, I have to say 2018 is going well, and I can only pray it keeps going that way. Happy Reading and Happy Writing Ya’ll!


Show Some Love <3