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Behind Her Hazel Eyes

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Hi! I’m so excited to share the idea for my National Novel Writing Month novel for 2017! If you are on NaNo please buddy up with me Here. Below you’ll find my general idea for this novel. This is a personal story, not 100% my own, but a lot of elements I’ve dealt with myself. Topics I’ll be highlighting in this book will be Mental Illness and Open Marriages. 

Only one character has a name, and he’s young 24-year-old Micah, a 4th-year psychology student at the University of Vermont. I’ve set the story in the same town as Down to Sleep, my debut novel out Jan 2018. So excited to keep moving forward with my writing. Check out the general idea behind this novel below, and remember, I LOVE FAN/FOLLOWER MAIL!


Therapy is the one way that MC has been able to deal with the secrets of her past. During the final phase of the “Facing My Demons”, treatment plan, MC is tasked with sharing her story with a small group of unsuspecting listeners and psychology interns during their final course of study. 

Readers travel into the memoir of the MC and find out how she came to the Nano Springs, VT mental illness treatment center, and how her story will impact the lives of those who hear it. Will she be able to divulge the secrets of her broken marriage, the tough decisions she had to make, and the ultimate sacrifice that nearly shook her into insanity? Or will she decide that those secrets are too painful to speak aloud?

Micah is a 4th-year psychology student at the University of Vermont.  Placed in the group that’s selected to hear a hurting soul’s darkest troubles, he soon finds out he has a unique connection to the woman’s past. 

Will the two connect and forge a bond that takes them to a final resting place of healing? Behind Her Hazel Eyes will churn feelings of hurt, resentment, and love like the reader has never felt before. 

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