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#KTWritingSprintsEvent is Going Through Some Changes

Hey, Lovey’s!

It’s a new year and I am so happy you are still with me. If you are on Twitter and happen to follow me, then you know I host a little thing called, KTWritingSprintsEvent. If you have NO idea what that is, Read This. If you’re pressed for time or too lazy to click the link, but STILL wanna know, the short version is this:

Every Wednesday Night from 8pm-12am EST, I host a sprint event for anyone working on a novel. At 8:05 pm, I tweet something like; “Let’s do a 10 min warm up, see ya at the :15 with your word count.” Everyone joining in then writes to 8:15 pm and then stops (I usually post a “STOP! What was your WC?”) and everyone posts their word counts for that round using the hashtag. For 4 hours I do the same thing in spurts of 10,20, etc mins. It’s fun, helps keep you on track, and I’m told it’s motivating. 



  • NOT JUST FOR WRITING! As I enter the editing stage (or in the middle of it actually), I’ve realized that this could be useful to keep one focused not just in writing, but editing or crafting as well. If you are writing your book, editing your book, outlining your book, creating character profiles for your book; then this is for you! Instead of, “what’s your word count?”, we’ll be asking, “What’s your word count, page number, etc.” Share what you’ve got!
  • DATE AND TIME! I’m still getting people not happy or able to join us because of the date. I know Twitter has a LOT of writing chats and games on Wednesday’s during that time. Look, the saying, “you can’t please everyone,” still applies here. However, with that said: I will be moving in May and in June will officially be on Hawaii Time Zone. So, while I’m going to keep my regular date and time until May, we will be figuring out a NEW date and time after our Summer Break. So keep in mind what you’d like and hit me up in the comments. I’ll make a decision this Summer.


I wanna hear from you. Do you enjoy the sprints? What’s keeping you from participating? Is there anything you’d like to do differently. I do this for you as much as I do it for myself, so let me know!

Happy Reading, Writing, Editing and have a VERY great day. For those joining us tonight, I’ll see you at 8pm EST!


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