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A New Version of a Charlie Brown Christmas

Season’s Greetings, Lovey’s!

First Christmas Tree

Do you ever find yourself dreading the holidays? Maybe it’s because you have a ton of family members to shop for, or you try to add in the cost of gifts with the price of getting a tree. Let’s face it, this is America where everything is NOT free and the price tag seems to be adding numbers every year. I know, grinds my gears too.

I hope by sharing our story and Christmas tradition with you that you’ll be able to enter into the next Christmas Season with a little less stress.

Question: What is the REAL meaning Christmas? For many, it’s presents or the birth of baby Jesus, but for a good portion of the world; it’s FAMILY. Spending quality time together and enjoying the things that come about because of the love we share.

Christmas 2006, the year I married my husband, found us in a tiny apartment, little money, and my husband working on Christmas Eve. That night, as I sat by myself in the apartment in California, I looked around and decided it needed a bit of color. We couldn’t afford a tree; real or fake, so I went the next best route. I took a roll of wrapping paper and cut out a small tree shape. Using the back (white side) of the tree, I colored it green, with a brown stem. I collected multi-colored construction paper and cut out circles and decorated the tree.

I haven’t done this every year for Christmas, though I wish I had, this year we found ourselves almost back where we started. Differences: we have two kids now, and we have money. It wasn’t about not being able to afford a tree, but timing. When the hubby’s deployment got extended to a week before Christmas, we decided to use homecoming as a family bonding time.

The tree is bigger this year and has a LOT more to it than our first one did, but the memories are similar. I cut out a larger tree, and the kids and I colored it together. Hubby helped with tracing circles using the new mugs he bought the kids in Bahrain. While watching, The Santa Clause, we made a garland type thing to use instead of lights. We’re very pleased with our design.

I want to hear from you! What are your family traditions? How do you find time in the busy busy of the holiday season to spend moments with those you love? Comment below, I cannot WAIT to hear from you.


Happy Holiday!

Love, KT

4 thoughts on “A New Version of a Charlie Brown Christmas

  1. Our tradition is strange. We buy gifts but give them before Christmas day. That day is set aside for p.js Christmas movies and just being together. And counting our blessings from the whole year.

    1. I love that Christmas Tradition! When I was younger, we did one present on Christmas Eve night, that was our tradition. Happy Holiday’s, James!

  2. Lovely post! So happy you are all together!
    We usually open our stockings on Christmas Eve, the gifts on Christmas Day and my mom makes these Danish pastries only on Christmas day and they’re SO good! And then of course we watch some type of Christmas movie, which is nice cause we don’t usually spend a ton of time together.

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