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The End Is Near

I can’t believe after the night I’ve had, that I’m even awake and writing this blog post right now. But, I am. It’s December 1st and time doesn’t stop for those who need sleep. Also, I’m a mom so, well…yeah.

The end of 2017 is near which means it’s time to reflect on the goals ahead. I’m super excited for this month because sometime in the next few weeks, I’ll be seeing my husband again after eight months of being apart. Have I said lately how much deployments suck!? This deployment has been the longest one yet…and we’ve done four total together. But, let’s not dwell on that, as there’s so much to do and I’m too tired right now to make that list. With that said, here are my goals for December. I encourage you to create your own goals for this month…and god Gosh sakes, ENJOY DECEMBER BECAUSE IT’S FREAKIN DECEMBER.


  • Let Down To Sleep Rest For Two Weeks: If you don’t happen to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or aren’t a part of my text crew, then it’s likely that you haven’t heard the news. I FINISHED THE FINAL DRAFT OF DOWN TO SLEEP, my debut novel. So, to not get tired of my characters, I’m doing what all writers should do, let it marinate.
  • Read, Read, and Read Some More: I have so many books on my TBR (To Be Read) list that it’s insane. I also have authors giving me books for free, and they aren’t trash. Many books I’ve gotten from my fellow writers are so beautiful; they make me doubt myself sometimes. But, they also and then they encourage me. So, I’m going to take December and catch up on some pleasure reading.
  • Welcome, My Hubby Home: After eight long months of deployment, our family will reunite. I’ll be on social media a little less, but he still has to work so I’ll hop on and catch up with everyone for a few minutes each day. We have an out of town vacation coming up for the New Year, and other exciting activities planned. Most importantly to our 7-year-old? Going to The Yankee Candle Store, making wax hands with daddy, and eating at Texas (what she calls Texas Roadhouse). We are so excited!!!
  • Editing Business: I’ve recently opened up the editing services on my website again to those indie authors seeking affordable, but sound editing. I have one client in the works now and plan to begin working on book 2 in his trilogy on December 2nd, 2017. I’m excited to give back and earn a little bit of gas money along the way. Ha!
  • Family Time: Writing a book is hard, ya’ll. And the ones who suffer are the kids. If you’re a mom/dad, you’ll know what I mean. You try to be a good parent and only write when the kids are sleeping. But, sometimes when the kids are sleeping you’re trying to rest yourself. Where do you find the balance? November was a massive writing month for me. While I didn’t participate in NaNoWriMo, I did assist others with sprints and focused on my debut novel a lot harder than usual.  My kids endured the late nights (waiting for me to put them to bed), the lack of extra cuddles, and mood swings when Mama got hangry, and there wasn’t a snack she could eat in the house. So, this month I’m going to focus on the family a bit more. Outings, coloring, hide and seek. You name it, and we’ll likely be doing it.
  • Dental Work: Yup, STILL dealing with this mess. But, December will put an end to the dental work, and by New Years, I’ll be able to smile at my husband as we kiss into the start of a brand new year.

What are your goals this month? How do you plan to tackle everything on your plate AND survive the holidays? Comment below, I LOVE to see your responses!

Happy December Everyone!


9 thoughts on “The End Is Near

  1. So happy that you finished Down to Sleep!!! And that your hubby is coming home!! I hope your December is filled with relaxation, happiness, and contentment.
    I’m hoping to finish writing book 2 this month, send book 1 off to betas and CP, and of course read more.
    Thanks again for all your encouragement and sprints! You’re the best!

    1. How exciting!!! I’m so happy for you that you’re on your road to publication! Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings and comment on them too. I hope you have a festive month full of love.

  2. First of all, congratulations on completing the first draft of your novel. Great to hear. November was a hard month. I wanted to write more stories, but I had a lot of false starts and had moments where I questioned myself as a writer. After getting through those moments, I decided I needed to do some organizing. I have a lot of prompts I saved on Pinterest and Evernote. So I’m taking this month to go through all the prompts I’ve saved. Get rid of some I’ve done and have lost interest and research some different stuff. I will be doing some flash fiction and posting a couple on my blog. That way, I won’t be too rusty. And I’m trying to get back into reading. I thought about some different books to read. I’m looking for superhero books since that’s my newest interest right now. I’ve been shopping around websites, but don’t seem to be having a whole lot of luck. I just have to keep an eye out as well as stay open to varieties in the field.

    1. Thank you! I am now exhausted, lol. November WAS a hard month. I think that may be why I am so tired. I didn’t do Nanowrimo but feel like I did.

      I think we all question ourselves as writers more than we should, I know I do. I think I should utilize Pinterest more than I actually do. Though with 3 story ideas in my head already, prompts may hurt me. I hope they inspire you and remind you the reason why you write, to begin with.

      Thank you for commenting! <3 I wish you a wonderful month!

  3. I just wrote a really long and personal, as in not the kind of thing I can write twice and have it carry the same tones, response to you, but when I hit submit it didn’t show. I am hoping it’s just in your review box and not lost, as I can’t seem to drag it back hitting backspace either. 🙁

    Will wait to see before trying anything else, but, no matter what:

    So happy for you that you’ll be reunited with your husband soon!

    BEYOND congratulations on finishing your novel! As someone who recently finished his own first real book, I deeply feel how that is such an important life event for a writer.

    1. Thank you! I believe I’ve approved all the comments I get and usually respond in some way at least.

      As for finishing the novel, I’m feeling a bit sad. Almost lost. I don’t need to get online every night and write. OCD prevents me from moving to a different story while this one rest (editing begins in a few weeks), so just blah. LOL. Working on book covers and potential title change, it’s helping. Congrats to you too!

  4. Crap. That means it got eaten, somewhere along the line. Damnit, it was a really good post too. Lots of stuff in it for you. 10,000 Japanese Beethoven lovers in white tie singing the Ode To Joy and everything.

    Really. Would I make that up? (Twice?)

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