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Indie – Publishing: 411. Chats with Vania and KT– How It Began

Happy New Year, Readers! I’m excited to introduce a new element to my blog today. Let me begin by giving you a little backstory: I don’t ever remember how I meet people, it’s as if they stumble into my life, or me into theirs. But, it happens, and in rare instances, I find someone that I click with, and they make my life so much more enriching. This happened when I “met,” on Twitter, Vania Rheault. As I am someone who is beginning the self-publishing process, Vania decided she wanted to help, not only myself but fellow writers who are new to this big scary world. With her kindness and thorough knowledge of the process, Chats with Vania and KT was formed. Twice a week until I publish my first novel, Vania and I will share chats filled with useful information about the self-publishing process. Today, we start the New Year off with finding out where it all began.

Grab a cup of something warm, a blanket, and prepare to have many of your publishing questions answered.

KT Daxon
I’ll let you take the lead in the chat because I’m clueless. You mentioned going back to the start?

Vania Margene Rheault
Yeah. Let’s go way back.  When did you start Down to Sleep? Can we call it that? Were you still thinking about a title change?

KT Daxon

Nah … I think Down to Sleep is the correct title. Once you read the full story and have suggestions, I’m open to them, but as of now, that’ll be the title. Goes along with the next book’s title too.

When did I start Down to Sleep? Down to Sleep is a product of NaNoWriMo 2013. It’s come so far since that first draft, but yeah. The story idea is 4 years old. Life happened in the middle of rewrites that caused elements to change but it originally was crafted in November 2013.

Vania Margene Rheault

And I feel like I’ve worked on Don’t Run Away forever! I wrote that for a NaNo project in 2015. How did you learn to join Twitter? And what were your goals for joining?

KT Daxon

Well, I think timing will help us both pay off. Having just read Don’t Run Away, I think it was an excellent investment of time. <3

When you asked me this earlier, about Twitter, I started to sweat. It’s a painful subject as to why I ventured onto Twitter and it involves me leaving Facebook for good. An incident led me to Twitter. Back then, I hadn’t fully engulfed myself in the idea of becoming a full-time writer, so it amazes me to this day how welcoming the writing community has been. It’s as if one day, I woke up and here I am. It sounds unreal but it’s the truth. I discovered hashtags and as the old trope goes, “the rest is history”.

Once I dug myself a cozy spot in the writing community though, I developed goals for my career.

I wanted to write and publish my stories. When I became serious about writing, it was an escape. A way to save me from me. I connected with amazing people, both good and bad, and decided I wanted to rebrand myself. I created a pen name and set out to be a supportive force in the community. I’m still working on that part, but hopefully, it’s paying off. I’ve always cared what people think about me, so I figured, be nice…who doesn’t like nice people? Ha!

Stop me or I’ll talk your ear off.

Should I be asking you questions too?

Vania Margene Rheault

That’s interesting because I joined social media thinking I was going to sell books, not join a writing community that would support me but not buy.

(If you want to, sure. As we get deeper into the process it will be easier for me to know what you need help with.)

I was thinking Twitter would be more of a marketing tool. It’s great that I found such a supportive community like you said, but now I need to focus on finding readers. Thoughts?

KT Daxon

I’ll admit, when I joined Twitter, I too thought it was a platform to sell books. But, as each day passes, I’m realizing that’s the furthest thing from the truth. Not to shine a light on the negative right away, but I’ve noticed a bit of “do this for me,” but not a lot of giveback.

I agree that once you build a platform of support, the next phase is finding your readers. My question is, how do we do that? What’s the best way?

I have many of my followers tell me, “I can’t wait to read your book,” but I can only hope they mean that once my book is actually published.

Vania Margene Rheault

I have ideas on that, that we’ll talk about later. I think the best thing you can do before you worry about any of that is to concentrate on putting out a good book. I was going to ask you about your pen name. what made you decide you needed one? I’ve had a couple comments on my blog post that said I don’t need to worry about one (for my fantasy; I’m a contemporary romance author) but with genre-hopping, I feel like I should have one.

KT Daxon
I wrote a blog post explaining the meaning behind my pen name. I decided I wanted one because I wanted one. My name doesn’t pop on a book cover and I wanted one that did.

James Patterson has written different genres and doesn’t use a pen name. IMO, it’s all a personal choice.

Putting out a good book, or 3 is what I am working on now. Finding readers is pointless if you don’t have anything for them to read, so I agree there.

I researched reasons why people use pen names because I thought it was just to hide your real name because people didn’t want coworkers or family to know they wrote certain genres.  I never understood that though, if I write something, I want people to know it’s me who did it. LOL. I selected a pen name that was still me 100% and pops on a book cover. 🙂

What a great first chat huh? Feel free to share where your journey began in the comment section below. I love reading other people’s stories. We’ll see you back here on Thursday for the next installment where we discuss Editing & Betas.





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