KT’s Writing Summer Camp

Hey, Loveys!

I have been thinking about doing something like this for awhile now, and what better time to do it than this Summer?

Girl, what on earth are you talking about? <—pretty sure this is what you are asking right about now. Let me explain:

This self-publishing journey has been OVERWHELMING! I won’t lie–ever–I had a LOAD of help putting together my book. I had an editor, a book cover designer, and a friend help me with formatting on this crazy road. It wasn’t easy, and I asked a TON of questions.

Because of this, I began to feel like I was annoying people by the abundant amount of questions that pour out of me. I HATE annoying others, and every time I try to “fix” my annoying self, I feel like I make things worse. Let’s call it my “Character Flaw”, we all have them.

To show my thanks, and to also help myself for the next book, I decided to spend this Summer diving head first into learning how to do what those ladies did for me.

It was SO great that they stepped in when I needed them and helped, but this baby bird wants to learn to fly. They’ve chewed up the worms and fed me and now I’m ready for that push out of the nest.

“How are you going to do that?” you ask. It’s simple. During my cross-country move this summer, I will be following the PDF printable I am posting at the end of this post. It’s not fancy (this will be another side thing I will be learning).

I’m calling it, “KT’s Writing Summer Camp.” Click the link to find out how much fun I’ll be having fun this Summer. I’ll be posting under this tab as I go along. Follow me if you’d like; I will be sharing writing resource books, templates, and even samples of my own writing.


How It Will Work:

  • Each Monday I will be posting the TOPIC of the week that I plan to focus on, and some projects to do during that time. Along the way, I’ll also share the resources I plan to study and links to where you can find those resources on your own. I admire those who create these tools and want to give back to their efforts.
  • Each Friday I will be posting my “results”, kinda like testing myself from what I learned during the week. This could be anything from samples of writing, cool videos, etc.

I don’t plan to charge anything for this Summer Camp, so remember your feedback is payment enough. Something not working? Reach out…let’s guide each other together. Invite your friends and see how well this turns out.


  • OTHER WRITERS ARE NOT YOUR COMPETITION! Please keep this in mind. We are not in a race to see who knows the most, can learn the fastest, or have the best books. Do we want bestsellers? Do we want to be on the top of Amazon’s Best? SURE, but don’t pull hair and punch knees to get there. That’s shady as hell and you’ll be punished in the end by the God’s of writing. Don’t be like that.
  • Money is TIGHT! We are living in times where everything costs something. Why does it have to be money? I’m not charging for this “camp”, though I think if I were this super awesome teacher, I probably could. But, I don’t want to. I want to give back in helping others navigating this crazy process. I want to celebrate their wins along with them. I want to cheer them on and offer helpful feedback where I’m able. We are all new to this at some point. Payment can come in many forms. My favorite? A simple, sweet, sincere “Thank You, KT” works perfectly for me. Cost: $0.00.

I’ll see ya on the road. More details to follow as I go along. Summer Camp officially begins April 1st, 2018- August 1st, 2018.



Click Link for PDF Printable of Objectives and Plans