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What the Hell is #KTWriterSprintsEvent?

Hey Everyone who actually reads my blog,

Last night, 10/25/17, I wanted to do writing sprints because I felt I needed the help to get out of the writing slump I was in. It was a HUGE success, though not just for me. I reached out to Twitter and asked a few writing friends if they were interested in joining me. There was a good group who joined in and we all got tons of words, and for the most part, they weren’t crap!

During the event, I was asked if I would make this a regular thing as people were excited about how much it had helped. You should know me by now, or if you’re a new reader you’ll learn quickly, I jumped all over this. After posting a poll asking about a date and time suggestions, I’ve come to the final decision for MY #KTWriterSprintsEvent.


  • What is this chat about? First of all, it’s not a chat. Writing Sprints can be useful to a writer when, at a time, they are in a slump or stalling on motivation. Each event will hold multiple sprints throughout the 4-hour window. Beginning at 8 pm EST, I will use the hashtag and post a welcome message with the first sprint start time, usually at 8:05 pm for a certain amount of time (5 mins, 10mins, etc). I’ll then post a GO post and STOP post using the hashtag. The joy about the event is that anyone can join at any time. Have to bow out and pick up a spouse from work? That’s okay, we’ll see ya on the next sprint or two when you get back. Have to work early the next morning, so can’t stay the full 4 hours? That’s okay too, thanks for joining and see ya next week. I’ll have a pinned Tweet posted with the Directions on how this works for 2 days on My Twitter Page.
  • Most people suggested a different day, why did you stay with Wednesday? Sometimes I am a people pleaser and when those of you who suggested other days did so, I stressed because I wanted to accommodate everyone. A friend reminded me though that I began this as something for myself, and invited others. You all jumped on board when you could and a lot was accomplished. I wish to include everyone but Twitter is FULL of writer’s chats, games, and etc. It’s impossible to pick the perfect date and time for everyone. I enjoy the midweek sprints because it’s a great push to get us through the week. I pray you all understand and will join as you are able.
  • What about weekends? As much as I’d love to do weekends, I can’t. I may pop in if someone else wanted to create their own weekend hashtag sprint, but I have kids who are NOT in school on the weekends, and I don’t do a lot of writing on the weekends. I encourage anyone who is interested in weekends and overseas sprinting, to create your own hashtag for those of you who will benefit. I wish you much success with it and think it would be a great thing to do.
  • What if I’m lost on how this all works? That’s okay, I’m open to answer any individual questions. Shoot me a DM on Twitter and we’ll figure it out. Otherwise, jump in and learn as you go along. 🙂
  • I am a hater and don’t believe in this, how do you feel about that? I don’t care. Well, I do because it makes me sad that something like this isn’t helpful to everyone. But certain things in life are not for everyone. I’ll deal just as you will. Thanks for voting and being honest! I wish you well in your writing.
  • Is this just for NaNoWriMo? NO! This has NOTHING to do with NaNoWriMo, this is for anyone who is writing and wants to do so with a bunch of people.

Welp! That’s all. Feel free to comment on here or DM me via Twitter. You can find the hashtag Here and I hope to see you next Wednesday night.

Happy Writing Folks!

-Always, KT

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