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Introducing Landon Marshall

Last night during my Twitter hashtag chat (#aynchat), we talked and shared our thoughts about Antagonists. Today on the blog I wanted to introduce you to my main antagonist in Down to Sleep; Landon Marshall. When I first started writing this story, my antagonist was a big middle-aged guy, slightly overweight and not really appealing. He was also a Lawyer which is how he knew one of my MC’s.

Over the years, in writing/revising this story, he’s changed. He’s now a young marketing agent for large businesses from San Fransico. When he’s not working, he enjoys surfing in the Pacific waves. Something happened in SF that led him to Nano Springs, Vermont where he meets Gabby, my MC.

You can read their story and the traumatic event that made Landon who he is in the book, Down to Sleep. Today, I just wanted to share a photo of how I picture him in my mind now. He has that surfer blonde hair, blue eyes and the bad boy look that girls tend to like and fall for. I did. I don’t condone his actions in the story, but I also know HIM, so with that in mind, my connection may not make sense to many. In truth, minus the violence, Landon is a part of me.

I can’t wait to share more of him with you. In October, I plan to really dive into the book and get it ready to send out to the world, where I can only hope you’ll pick it up. Be on the lookout for Landon, Gabby, Parker and the rest of the gang in Jan 2018. Check back here on the blog, as I share more about the story over the next few months.


*If any of my readers know who this gentleman is IRL, please comment and let me know. Would LOVE to know who to credit as my muse.*



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