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They Don’t Have To Be Here, To Be Here

I am so excited to share this post with you! Today I did something incredible, and nearly life-changing. I had lunch with a friend I’ve never met in person (and still haven’t). That’s right, we took the digital age and rode it! Let me explain, but first…I need to introduce my incredible friend, Miranda! You can find her on her Twitter or at her Website! I met Miranda on Twitter through the fantastic writing community there. She’s such a supportive, caring, and intriguing person. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and pup-kid. I adore her, and I think you will too.

Before I share with you how we had lunch together today without even meeting in person, I have to tell you a little more about me. I don’t make friends in real life very well. I can count on one half of my hand the amount of real-life friends I have, and one of those people is my cousin. I’m the same in person as I am online. I don’t lie or make up aspects of my life; my guilt conscious won’t allow it anyway. Frankly, I’m happy with how things are. The few people who are friends with me in real life are important to me, and the friends online are as well.

Now, here’s what Miranda and I did:

We have both been soda free for a few months now to better our lives. We each had our reasons and wanted to celebrate the milestone. But, meeting six hours (which would be the halfway point for both of us as I live in Virginia) was unheard of for many reasons. So, what’s two awesome lovey’s like us to do?

We chose the restaurant (the same one by name) Red Robin (Shout Out!!!), and set a time (Noon) along with a date (Today). She went to the Red Robin in her PA city, and I went to the one here in my town. This lunch date was so much fun!!!!

We both had super cool waitresses who listened to our idea and didn’t judge us. They even agreed to take selfies with us and allowed me to use their first names here on the blog! During our lunch, we took photos of our menu choices and used the voice text option and regular text option to hold a conversation. No awkward silences, no interrupting each other, and an overall excellent visit. Miranda and I spent an hour together without actually physically being in each others presence. We paid our checks, took good care of our waitresses, and then went to Walmart (again, she went to her’s, and I went to mine). We parted shortly after by saying, “talk to ya later,” because I had to go pick up my son, and she had to go let her adorable pup-kid from the kennel. Just, I’m still giddy about the whole experience.

Some people on my social media have bravely disclosed that they suffer from some version of Mental Illness. Others, are self-proclaimed introverts; meaning social situations are very awkward for them. I think doing something that Miranda and I did could change all of that. Am I saying replace all your real-life friends and be a hermit and only hang out with online friends? No. That’s likely not healthy anyway, but this could be so rewarding.

Here’s a list of other things you can do with your online friends. I swear, it feels as if they are there. I encourage you if you choose to try this…do it with just the two of you. Not including others allows you to focus on the friendship and makes it feel more like you’re with them.

Ideas To Try:

  • Go for a walk; the park, beach, mall…the possibilities are endless!
  • Go to the movies. You won’t be able to talk/text during this, but you can see the same film, at the same time, or as close as you can…and then reconvene over dessert/drink after the movie.

If you try this and it changes your outlook or opens up a ray of sunshine in an otherwise dark spot in your life, please let me know! If you think this is crazy and I’ve completely fallen off my rocker; well…don’t follow me…everyone should know by now that I have unique ways of living life. I’m a victim of Metal Illness too (depression/anxiety), but screw allowing it to win, when there are ways to overcome the dark moments.

Happy Living,


5 thoughts on “They Don’t Have To Be Here, To Be Here

  1. This was an amazing experience and I couldn’t put the words down on paper any better. KT is amazing and this was such a rewarding experience. I have lived in many places and I have friends all over. Technology really has kept me close with family and friends all around the country and even over seas. I love the honesty and inspiration this friendship brings. Though we might not physically in the near future, this experience has etched itself into my soul. I am grateful for good food, crazy plans and good friends. I am hoping to go on many more friend dates in the future. Thank you 🙂

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