Santa Doesn’t Live Here….Anymore

When I was growing up, we never really got into the whole “You gotta be good, Santa is watching,” and I’m happy for that. Maybe when I was a wee one, but anytime between seven/eight years old and now, just wasn’t into it. I became pregnant in 2009, and during my first Christmas, pregnant with my daughter, we talked about whether we would do the whole, “believing in Santa” nonsense.

I get the idea and don’t judge anyone who decides to make a big deal about this guy for their children. I suppose now I merely see Santa as nothing more than an “Elf on the Shelf” type of fella, and a fun little get up for the kids to experience.

What did we decide back in 2009? I think it was an unspoken conclusion that we just wouldn’t make a big deal about it. We took our daughter to see Santa her first year, (SUPER CUTE PHOTO BTW), and we put Santa’s name on a few of her gifts. But, like the Huggies or whatever commercial, by the time the second child came around…it was meh.

Where is this post going and why am I rambling for likely no reason? Good question. Today, I was wrapping gifts and thought about adding Santa’s names to a couple. I paused and thought, Why should HE get the credit for this excellent contribution? When the doorbell rang a few minutes later (okay, we aren’t classy…we don’t have doorbells, but you get the point), another gift arrived since we buy all things online. In this particular package was a VERY VERY small version of those Hachimal egg things that are outrageously expensive. MUCH smaller than I thought, and I was disappointed, though thankfully we dug deeper into our pockets and bought her the REAL one.

So. What did I do? Are you kidding? Don’t you see where I’m going with this? On the tiny package I can hold on two fingers, I wrote, “From Santa,” and I have no shame. Seven will open that gift and will be over the moon with glee because that’s the kind of awesome kid she is.

I didn’t do it out of spite, or for the joy of seeing her face and love for me when she opens the big gift. I couldn’t even if I wanted to. She’s going to love them both just the same because, without making Santa a big deal, she appreciates anything she’s given.

My point of this rambling is that I hope you and your family enjoy the holidays together, no matter how you choose to celebrate it. Embrace the joy surrounding this time of year, and despite the hate and anger spewed over on the streets, smile because someone is watching you, and he/she just wants you to be happy.

Happy Holiday From My Family To Yours!


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