Road To Publication- Part 4

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I wanted to touch on something VERY important about the writing process today: CELEBRATING YOU! That’s right, it’s so important to celebrate yourself and the progress you’ve made. I’d like to thank Aila Stephens for reminding me how important this event is in your process.

Writing, in general, is hard. There will be good days when everything goes right, and days when you want to slam your computer against your head and vomit all over it.

During the publishing process, I worked closely with Aila on my book and she gave me 5 questions to answer when I was done. That’s right…I’M ABOUT TO ORDER MY PROOF!!!

I decided to take this blog post to answer these questions. 5 things about my story that I want to highlight and celebrate. So, to Aila…this one post is dedicated to you. Thank you for helping me celebrate my joys in the project!

Broken Tomorrows

  1. What was your favorite line of dialogue? My favorite line of dialogue has to be during a sex scene. I won’t give it all away, but here’s the line.

    “It’s chilly because I’m not allowed to have hot baths, but,” she said, pausing to straddle her body over his. “I assure you, it’s about to get hot.”

  2. What was your favorite scene setting? This one was tough, but I believe it was the small town and the special features that went with it. Here’s a glimpse of it for you.

    Nano Springs had a few natural occurring springs with little waterfall dips every few yards or so. The stream itself twisted in a zig-zag pattern through town, specifically along Main street. One lane roads sat on either side of the spring. Sidewalks and lush greens created a relaxing feel to the area. Every half mile, until you drove out of town, a bridge was placed for residents and guests to enjoy the mystical relaxation the springs brought.

  3. What was your favorite cliffhanger? Hmm, I can’t divulge this because it’s part of my plot twist, but let’s just say it’s REALLY good. When I got the feedback from my Betas and my editor, they said they were impressed with the plot twist and had NO idea it was coming. I can’t wait for you all to read it and tell me what you think!
  4. Who is your favorite secondary character? My favorite secondary character is Jacob. He’s only 22 but in my mind, he represents those young men who care more about the people in their lives than the typical 22-year-old stuff. He’s the main reason why I would write a book 2, even if only for myself, because I want to know what happens with him.
  5. The “NEW” Landon Marshall

    What was your favorite change? I love this question. Looking back over my 4 years of drafts for this book, my favorite change has to be Landon. Originally, Landon was this bald, overweight, attorney who was evil. In the end, I allowed this character to speak to me and he convinced me that he wasn’t that guy. So, he went through a major transformation. I’ll share his picture here (or whoever this guy is…he inspired the new Landon). I love the story I created with the new Landon and I hope you do too.


Just listing these favorites makes me even more excited to read my book. BEST. FEELING. EVER!




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