10 People, Places, and Things I’m Thankful For This Year

Well Lovey’s, it’s Thanksgiving again and oh what a time of year this has been for me. I will spare you, my gracious readers the sadness and instead, I’ll reflect on the People, Places, and Things I’m most thankful for this year. Join me, and share at least ONE thing you’re thankful for as well. Let’s imagine, if you will, that we are sitting around a large dinner table, sharing a tradition.

  • God- I know many people have their own views about this one, but despite my confusion, sometimes lack of belief, and daily struggles, I believe in a higher power. God and I have butted heads a lot this year, and I can only hope that it’s leading me to something far greater. If not, I’ll die knowing I’ve been a good person to others, and to myself.
  • Family- You’re probably thinking that this is a given, but not always. I turned around on my family Thanksgiving this year for many reasons; one being that I didn’t feel very wanted or cared about back home. In some ways I was wrong, in others, I was right. Despite it all, I’m thankful for the family I was born into, and the ones that have adopted me over the years. If you’re reading this, you know who you are.
  • Important People- This select group of people is what help keep me breathing each day. They are the oxygen to my life and the healing of my soul. Andrew, Keira, and Tobias. Without them, I wouldn’t have much to be thankful for anyway.
  • Writing- I would be insulting my craft and passion if I didn’t have this on my list. I’ve been asked on Twitter, “Why do you write?” The answer is very simple, I have to. Other than the important people listed above, writing is a lifeline, a sense of being, and my purpose. I can’t wait to share with you all what it means to me, through the stories you’ll have a chance to read as the next few years go by.
  • Netflix/Hulu- Sounds corny, and maybe a little ridiculous, but without these programs, this deployment would have been LOADS worse than it was. I’ve slumped back to my past with Full House, Home Improvement, and caught up on the current with MasterChef and The Good Doctor.
  • Henry Cavill- Again, you may be thinking….well I don’t know or care what you’re thinking. For those of you who don’t know who this man is, look him up. He’s currently playing Superman in the Justice League movies, and he once played the sidekick and brother-in-law, Charles Brandon to Johnathan Rys Meyers King Henry VIII. Like I said, look him up. He’s on Instagram and scrolling through his photos and captions, just so nice to see a human in the celebrity world. One who isn’t about creating drama, but just the opposite. He’s one of the few reminders of there still being good in the world.
  • Food, Shelter, Clothing-Today during our meager Thanksgiving dinner, my daughter who’s 7, began whining about not liking the chicken. She had not even tried it. This actually made me very upset and I explained to her in a firm voice that we are SO lucky to have this meal today. That there are people in our own country are suffering without food, shelter, and clothing to keep them warm. It was a teachable moment that I gladly took and used to the fullest. Never take for granted these simple things, because being homeless is not a place I’d ever like to be again.
  • My Mistakes- We all make them, and for some of us, they stay forever. Devastating tragedies that nearly destroy lives and break hearts. I’m thankful for them because without the pain such mistakes caused, I wouldn’t be looking forward to a brighter future. I’m not nieve enough to believe that hardships won’t follow me, but with every wrong person, place, or thing that entered my life, a strength seed was planted and with that, I will soar.
  • Books- Other authors who out their hearts and souls into a story that takes me away from the upsets in life, and deliver me to a world that reaches far beyond my own mind. It’s magical even without a hint of magic.
  • My Senses- To be able to hear my children scream mama 500 times, to see a cluttered apartment threatening to murder my OCD sidekick, to be able to smell a poopy pull-up, to touch and feel my child’s embrace when we apologize to each other for yelling or disobeying, and to taste the breakfast concoction the kids make me for breakfast, make me thankful to have them in my lives. Sometimes, I torture myself and imagine my life if they didn’t exist. I don’t allow myself to sink into that picture too long because it’s depressing. No matter the stress, frustration, and need to want a moment of silence…I wouldn’t trade them for anything, or the ability to be near them without all my senses.


That is my unconventional thankful list. What’s yours? Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Welcome to the official kick-off of the holiday season 2017!

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  1. Thank you for the follow and my apologies for taking so long to respond. I love that you put God first on your list even though you’re not certain about Him. I decided I’m going to make a list also. I don’t always put God first either even though I know better! This time His love and salvation will be at the top of the list!

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