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Road To Publication- Part 1

Hey, guys and gals,

I wanted to talk to you about going from a small mediocre idea to publishing the completed manuscript. In the wee hours of December 1st, 2017, I finished the final draft of my debut novel. By the end of it, I was exhausted. Not because I had spent the entire month of November pounding away at the keyboard, but because the original idea began four years earlier.

In 2011, a neighbor from my time in California first introduced me to the writing competition, NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) where a bunch of writers all over the world would spend the month of November completing a solo 50K word novel. I shelved the book that year, and in 2013, after I moved to Virgina, I attempted the competition again.

My debut novel is currently in between titles and awaiting the editing process.

 In four years, this story has been through at least eight revisions, setting changes, and many other character directed changes. I’m proud of it and look forward to sending it out into the world, and hope my readers enjoy it.

A book is not something someone can craft overnight and expect to throw up on Amazon or Goodreads the next day. It’s unrealistic to think so. A book, especially one you want to be proud of needs attention. I like to look at it as a human baby. You love it, nurture it, change it, perfect it before you want to send it off on its own. It’s a process. Sadly, many people view their stories as a baby bird, pushing it from the nest before it’s ready to fly. Only a few manage to soar once released, most fall to the ground.

I encourage everyone who feels a strong desire to write a story, to do so. But, treat it with the care and attention you would anything else you hold dear. In the end, your success will go a long way.


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