Title Reveal For My #BookBaby!

It’s that time, LOVIES!!!

Things are currently on track for my ideal publishing date. So, I’ve decided to share one exciting thing about my book with you all, once a month, until April! Can you believe it’s ALREADY FEBRUARY!? I can’t either. 2018 has been good so far, and I hope it’s the same for you. Without dragging this out any longer…only past the review part of the posting link on social media (haha 😉 )…here we go!

My debut novel began as a Contemporary Fiction piece over four years ago. For the longest time, I titled the book: Down To Sleep, from the Lord’s Prayer. I got the idea from how one of my favorite authors, James Patterson, titled some of his Alex Cross novels; Along Came a Spider, Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, see a pattern here?

As I did my final revisions, I decided the book needed a change, something that vibrated through the story and left the reader wondering what the book was about. The new title of my debut novel is:


For those of you who don’t follow me on social media (and you should), I’ll share the blurb for the book in this blog post too. I look forward to sharing with you the story of Parker, Gabby, Landon, and their friends too. Join me on a journey of second chances and how sometimes they don’t always go as planned. In its final draft, my debut novel is considered a Romantic Suspense.

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Thank you for reading:



 How far would you go for another shot at love?

San Francisco native, Landon Marshall arrives in Nano Springs, Vermont with a painful past and a broken heart. When he meets his new boss, Gabby Lawsen, he finds himself fighting the flashbacks that haunt his dreams, and the desire to fall in love with a second chance.

When her boyfriend of five years decides to explore a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in Hollywood, Gabby is left hurt with a
lifelong parting gift.

Turning to the comforting arms of the new Marketing Director at the Nano Springs Lodge is tempting, but can she give Landon what he’s looking for? Without knowing how far he’s willing to go to prove he’s the one and hoping for Parker’s return, Gabby is left with a difficult choice.

Fighting desire, truth, and doing the right thing, Gabby and Landon make decisions that will alter their lives forever.


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