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The Timeline of Our Lives

This week, my 7-year old’s teacher, who’s beyond amazing by the way, assigned her a project. This project was simply called, “My Timeline,” and the idea was to find or draw 7 photos- one for each year- and to put it into a timeline format, adding a few words to each picture. Each student will be graded on the following variables.

* (20) Oral Presentation

* (20) Timeline Format

* (20) Each Year Labeled

* (20) Neatness

* (20) Original Work

While I’m nervous about her oral presentation with her stuttering, I’m also very excited for her. Going through the photos with her was so engaging and a great time for us to bond together. I got to share stories about each one if she didn’t remember them herself. We were able to discuss her life, and I couldn’t help but wish I had this growing up.

We’ve been through so much in her short life, both together and separately. This project was a Godsend, so shout out to Mrs. J. Bennett- 1st grade! Other than finding the pictures for each year (she chose from many options), and answering any questions she had, she did the entire thing herself. #ProudMama.

You’re likely asking, Um, why should I care? Simple, because you read my blog and care about me….or not, but it’s a great idea! I recently did something similar with my husband’s Anniversary gift. I made a book and chose 1 memory per year we’ve been together. It was nice to look back and see how far we’ve come together.

Timelines are important and are often used in History. Memories can come and go, depending on one’s health and well-being.

So, I ask you this, What are some of your favorite memories in your life thus far? Share in the comment section below and then share this post. You never know whose life you could change by opening their minds to remembering the good of the past.

Happy Reading and Rediscovery!



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