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Dear Social Media Followers

This one is for you. Lately, I’ve realized just how busy I am, and how it’s affecting friendships, relationships, and everything in between. I wanted to address it here.

Other than her eyes, and the pattern of gray our hair turns, I only got 1 other thing from my birth mother; people pleasing. It runs in my veins just as it once did hers. It’s a curse and an ugly one at that. I’m getting better with self-curing but it still lingers from time to time.

I also have an issue where my brain doesn’t really shut off. There is literally NOT enough hours in the day to do things that I want/need to do. I have to battle with myself every day to fit it all in. But, you don’t have to so stop stretching yourself. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA! That is SO funny! If only it were easy to turn off as it were to say.

It’s like writing, I HAVE to do this. Even if people think my books are crap, never wanna read another blog post, or hate me in general (you know who you are), I cannot and will not ever walk away from my writing. I PHYSICALLY can’t. Walking away means cutting out a part of who I am, and it’s taken me so long to figure out who that woman is.

Why am I rambling this crap to you all? Because I want to apologize if I seem distant. If I’m not 100% on my game. I’m a VERY active Twitter user, so much so that when I went nearly all day without commenting/tweeting, I had DM’s in my inbox! (BTW- it means SO much that you all care).

Anyway, I just simply ask that you all bare with me. Balance is the devil’s word in my life, and he’s dangling it above me like a carrot to a horse. I’ll defeat him and I appreciate those of you who stand in my corner as I battle it, one day at a time.

Thanks for joining me here, Twitter, Instagram, and in real life. I seriously, no joke, care about each of you.



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